Routes to Support

Routes to Support User Training

This free course introduces you to the Routes to Support system, providing an interactive learning experience to complement the Routes to Support User Guide and tips for making the most of the resource. The course begins with a discussion of what the Routes to Support project is and the differences between the main RtS directory and its associated resources the UK Gold Book and the Women’s Aid Directory. The training will then walk through how to access and navigate the system and search for vacancies and services. Following this, the course goes through the process of creating and updating vacancies and listings, using the print and export functions, and using Referral Manager feature (for services that also use On Track). The course also provides information about user management on the system and the user support available.

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who wants to increase their confidence in Routes to Support and develop a working understanding of the system. This course is relevant for new starters, or if you’ve been using Routes to Support for a while and want to make sure you’re up to date and know the main ins and outs of using the system.
  • Guide to our On Track and Impact eLearning Courses
  • Pre-Course Survey
  • Introduction Video: Routes to Support User Training
  • Video: About Routes to Support
  • Women's Aid Website - Our Research
  • Fill in the gaps: The Routes to Support Project
  • Celebrating 20 years of Routes to Support
  • Share your experience of Routes to Support 1
  • Video: Accessing the Routes to Support site
  • Demo: Accessing the site
  • Video: Searches
  • Demo: Basic Search
  • Demo: Advanced Search
  • Assignment: Basic Search
  • Assignment Answers: Basic Search
  • Assignment: Advanced Search
  • Assignment Answers: Advanced Search
  • Top Tip: Service Descriptions
  • Top Tip: Search Criteria
  • Top Tip: Filter Search Results
  • Video: Vacancies and Services
  • Demo: Vacancies and Services
  • Top Tip: Copy and Paste
  • Assignment: Vacancy Information
  • Assignment Answers: Vacancies 1
  • Assignment Answers: Vacancies 2
  • Assignment: Service Information
  • Assignment Answers: Services 1
  • Assignment Answers: Services 2
  • Top Tip: Removing Existing Filters
  • Video: Update a Vacancy
  • Demo: Update Vacancies
  • Match-up: Updating Vacancies
  • Information about upcoming module
  • Video: User Management
  • Demo: Primary User Admin
  • Video: Update Service Information
  • Information about upcoming module
  • Video: System Integration​ - On Track and Routes to Support
  • Setting up your Routes to Support & On Track Referral Manager
  • Video: Printing and Exporting
  • Demo: Printing and Exporting
  • Assignment: Printing and Exporting
  • Assignment Answers: Printing and Exporting 1
  • Assignment Answers: Printing and Exporting 2
  • Assignment Answers: Printing and Exporting 3
  • Video: Using RtS ​- User Support
  • Share your experience of Routes to Support 2
  • Demo: Help Feature
  • Demo: Inbox Feature
  • Top Tip: Training Resources
  • Share your experience of Routes to Support 3
  • Summary Quiz: Routes to Support User Training
  • Post-Course Survey
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: 2 years